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Solar Shades are some of the most versatile window coverings out there. Their primary purpose is to serve as a shield against solar heat gain, which helps to keep your energy costs down. Aside from being energy-saving, solar shades also reduce glare from the sun, making them perfect window covering solutions for rooms with televisions and computer monitors, such as family rooms and home offices. Solar shades provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view. Often referred to as “sunglasses” for your windows, their ability to cut the glare makes them ideal for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room where sun control is desired. Solar shades protect from the sun in 4 ways: they protect furniture from damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays, reduce glare, diffuse light, and help control heat gain. For complete privacy, consider a Roller Shade instead of a Solar Shade.
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Why You Should Consider Energy-Efficient Solar Shades:

  • Solar window shades create just the right ambience in any room. They gently filter and diffuse natural sunlight, block out harmful UV rays, and keep your rooms cooler
  • Solar shades come in various styles and openness levels. Choose a higher openness factor and a darker fabric for a clearer your view
  • Solar shades are available in an impressive collection of fabrics and colors that add balance and style to your rooms
  • They are an effective solution for covering large windows, as most fabrics are available in wider widths
  • Solar shades streamlined appearance complement any home decor, and most styles coordinate with sliding panels
  • You can customize your solar shades by adding wood cornices and valances to create a beautiful combination of warm colors and textures in your home
  • Exterior solar shades can be installed to the outside of your windows, patios and porches to provide protection from the sun’s powerful heat and strong UV rays
  • You can motorize your solar shades to provide privacy and safety with a simple touch of a button!
  • A solar shade is commonly used in commercial establishments such as restaurants, office buildings, retail chains, and schools because of their durability

Solar Shades In 2-3 Weeks

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays, they will keep your family healthy and strong, and keep your furniture from fading or being damaged by direct sunlight.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Solar roller shades help increase your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They provide an extra level of insulation to your windows, so you can have a comfortable home, no matter the season.

Decreases Energy Costs

Because sun screens for windows increase your home’s energy efficiency, they also help to decrease energy costs. Ultimately, they help you save money and use less energy.

Eliminates Glare

They're also perfect for media rooms, offices, and home theaters because they eliminate glare on televisions, computer screens, and phones.

Retains Your Outside View

Depending on the exact shade you choose, you can keep them drawn and still see outside. With solar blinds, you don’t have to give up your view in order to reduce glare, block UV rays, and decrease your energy costs. You can have it all.


With our solar shades, we eliminate the cord altogether. Cordless is the ultimate child-safe option, and it will give your home a streamlined, clean look.


Motorized shades mean modern convenience. Control them from anywhere in your home with a small remote. It’s easy-to-use and convenient, so it makes them perfect for those with physical limitations who would like some more independence.

Options and Features

Solar screens are easily customizable, so take a look at all our options and features.

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