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Cellular shades are one the most versatile window coverings on the market. Their luxurious fabrics are available in three popular cell sizes and various light control levels so that you can create the perfect setting. Cellular Shades, sometimes referred to as pleated or honeycomb shades, are built with small honeycomb-shaped pockets or ‘cells’ designed to keep air from escaping or entering your home to enhance your room’s energy efficiency. Their thick cellular fabrics also provide a high level of insulation. They come in a large variety of fabric widths, making them the ideal solution for wide and large windows.
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Explore The Many Benefits Of Energy-Saving Cellular Shades:

  • Four light control options including sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics provide you with various levels of privacy
  • Highly customizable, cellular shades are ideal for odd shaped windows including hexagons, octagons, angled windows, skylights and various arches
  • Cellular shades can be paired with their vertical counterparts to cover wide windows and sliding doors to provide a cohesive look throughout your home
  • Popular bottom-up / top-down option allows you to lower your shades from the top, or raise them from the bottom, maintaining privacy and letting natural light in
  • A top-down only option preserves your privacy and blocks unwanted views.
  • Cellular shades can be combined with a pleated fabric on the top to let in natural light, and a cellular fabric on the bottom for additional privacy and insulation

Cellular Shades In 2-3 Weeks

Build Your Cellular Shades To Fit

Cellular, or honeycomb shades, come in a wide variety of designer-inspired fabrics and colors to match your existing home decor. For a contemporary look, cover large windows with a bright splash of color, or for traditional decor, choose a neutral or natural tone. Cellular shades are among the most popular of all window coverings due to their crisp, clean style and versatility. The soft, yet durable, shades are available in single, double, and triple honeycombs for better energy efficiency. Choose from a wide variety of light-filtering or room darkening fabrics in hundreds of colors. Available in several pleat sizes (larger pleats are more energy efficient). When raised, cellular shades are compact, giving you a clear view. Optionally, your shades can be motorized, cordless (for extra safety), or include special lifting options such as the very popular bottom-up/top-down. The continuous cord loop option helps you lift large, heavy shades with less effort. Add a remote-control for hard to reach windows. Wholesale Shutters & Blinds will measure your window exactly and build your shades to fit.

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